Abstract Collage Gallery

"New Era Art Fusions on Canvas"
A mixture of traditional mediums like oils and acrylics with the evolving art technology.

April 25th
"April 25th"

Paul Silva Gallery Home

May 2nd May 3rd daily Doppleganger

"May 2nd Daily Doppleganger"

"May 3rd Daily Doppleganger"

psychodelic collage-image

"Strange Men from Doppleganger"

"March 5"

  Middlton Place Ballerina  

"Middleton Place Ballerina"

march 7 image City Market Wednesday

"March 7"

"City Market Wednesday"

March Palace Honeycomb Pakace hall

"Palace Globe"


"Palace Hall"

April 7th april 18th

"April 7th"

"April 18th"

March 8th image March 9th image

"March 8th"

"March 9th"


"March 11"

"March 12"

"Cobweb Ken"

"Ashley River Collage"

"Rainbow Tree Family"


Union Bar Boston

"LaFrance at the Union Bar"

"March 3rd"

"June 1st"  

"June 1st"

The Artist's Mug

"Euclidean Exchange"

"The Blimp Ride"

"The Artist's Mug"


"The Abandoned Carnival"

"Modern Women"

"March 18"

morris light warplanes

"Buzz Light Years"

"The Beveled Botanist"

"Mystlooga at Millennia Music"

"Stilted Alter"

March 17 Daily Doppleganger image March 19 Daily Doppleganger

"March 17th"

"March 19"

Big Ball Shawna Moon The Observationist

"Big Ball"

"Shawna Moon"

"The Observationist"

march21 March 26

"March 21st"

"March 26"



March27 March 28th

"March 27th"

"March 28th"

"Double Decker"

"Painter Project"

"Ruby Rose & The Boys"

Fascinating Rythym

Aiken House Ghosts

"Fascinating Rythm Dance"

"Aiken House Ghosts"

"Asheville Cats"

"Lampshades Eightfold"

Booth Wall Collage "Enlightened Ballet"

"Stilted Highwire"

"Boothwall Window"

"Enlightened Ballet"

clouded expectations

"Clouded Expectations"

"Afternoon Cup of Joe"

"All Square"


"Groovy Tuesday"

"Square Dance"

"Studio Firecrackers"

To sleep perhaps to dream Go Fish

"To Sleep Perhaps to Dream"

"Go Fish"

Maid for Murder In the Balance Abstract Down to River

"Maid for Murder"

"In the Balance"

"Down to the River to Pray"

Turky Towing

"Framed Mantle"

"Turky's Towing"

"Primal Passage"

April 1st April 6th

"April 1st"

"April 6th"