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"New Era Art"

A mixture of traditional mediums like oils and acrylics with the evolving art technology.
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188 Meeting Street | Charleston, SC
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Welcome to the New Era

Charleston's original Giclee
and Mixed Media Artist, Paul Silva embraces modern technology while steadfastly maintaining timeless art traditions!

I use a mixed medium of photography, digital painting and oil paint. I have branded it as "New Era Art". I believe the art era that we have known for the last centuries ended around 1995-98 with the advance of computer technology relating to art and graphics. With the introduction of digital photography, digital printing, powerful computers and amazing software the Digital Era was ushered in. I bring the old mediums of oils and acrylics and embrace the technology.

The impact has been enormous, and, in the grand scheme of things, we are just transitioning into the New Era. It is only the fuse that has been lit. Any shifts in paradigm are always resisted. The battle, however, is over.
charleston art

charleston art

Paul Silva

Founder of The League of Morons

Paul Silva is a painter, photographer, animator and fine friend to the arts. He's made a success of his Paul Silva Art scenes. His works of art are dramatic painted photographs of famous landmarks, sometimes-serious-sometimes-funny people and icons, vibrant pastoral settings, downtown views and vignettes, and breezy, beautiful waterside moments.
charleston art
Amazing artist with amazing work. We buy a new piece every year!

Jane S.

New York
charleston art
I really love this art.  The Giclee prints here are top quality.

Dana R.

charleston art
“Paul Silva has mastered the art of merging traditional and digital.”

Madelaine T.


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